Company CEO Profile

Md Ataul Samad was born in Bangladesh on October 8, 1992. Graduated & Post Graduated in Textile Engineering in 2016 Southeast University & National Institute of Textile & Research in the same year he starts working for the DBL & Mondol Group as Merchandising department. In 2017 he was of Inspector, Auditor for Asian market Bangladesh is Spanish Multi-National Company ESASIA ( His on-site experience covers the whole textile chain, from production to management control and marketing. In 2018-2021 he becomes Assistant to the CEO of ESASIA a company specialized in the production follow up, Inspection, Audit of high quality controlling product in all over Asia. From 2021 he focuses on the Asian market, becoming the CEO & Founder of S-QTS ( in HongKong same as similar experienced 3rd party Inspections & Audit, Sourcing firm in All over Asia And in 2022, holding the position of CEO & President of TexMark Int. Trading, Souring, Exporting Business and the control of the entire activity of EU,Latin American, Australian Buyers brand promotion, Manufacturing & exporting control in Asia.
‘To achieve success one has to keep in mind, four important tenets: Honesty, Hard work, Punctuality and Sincerity.” Keeping this in mind I started my journey with minimal capital but a strong desire to succeed. We were one of the first apparel exporters from Asia Mostly Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China and have exported garments to 21 countries till date. In the 2010 th, Bangladeshi exporters suffered from bad repute and Asian made products were considered of inferior quality. We decided to change this perception with our hard work, quality and continual adoption of latest technology. We were successful in our endeavor and have repeat orders and continuous patronage from our buyers to show for it. From initial manufacturing facilities of less than 3000 square feet, we have grown today to a total of 300,000 sq. ft. with a capacity to manufacture 600,000 sweaters and 720,000 knit,Woven, Denim, Sports per year. We have now the proud honor of collaborating with leading international and domestic brands like Adidas, Armand Thiery, Brice and Pantaloon and are proud to see our partners grow from strength to strength. For instance, Adidas is now a leading company in sports apparel and Pantaloon (Future Group) has become the leading retailers of all products in Asia. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our business associates and workers who work tirelessly in our manufacturing facilities and have helped us succeed. Finally, the TEXMARK looks forward to succeeding in our planned diversification in new verticals like real estate and alternative energy. I would also take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years and hope that you would continue to partner with us in our journey.”
Yours Sincerely,

Md Ataul Samad
CEO & President